Imago Dev

Reflecting The Creator

It's a new dawn, it's a new day.


It’s the beginning of a new medium. It’s the begining of a new space. It’s the begining of new learning. It’s the begining of a new season. It’s the begining of Imago Dev.


What goes into creating? There is usually some sort of medium for which the creation will be made on or out of. Tools are often required for the craft. There is also something that must go into it on a personal level. More than just the time to make it, there is an personal touch the creation recieves. Software is the same as any other creations, only more so. No medium before exploded, evolved, and encompassed the world as software has done in less than a century.

Software is still essentially all built by hand — by people. How does the individual’s life reflect into the applications they create? What does it take to craft software well? What does the software show about the ones who create it? How do we improve our knowledge, skills, and design to make better creations?

Imago Dev focuses on exploring these ideas by merging the schools of engineering, art, and design to all live under the roof of software development.